Service station with a complete range of services, where the following products are supplied:

  • Diesel-B
  • Diesel-A
  • Lead-free Petrol
  • Optima Diesel-A (superior quality)

Optima Diesel is the result of the most advanced technological research. The research is undertaken in order to produce more efficient, advanced, clean fuels.

It belongs to the latest range of fuels and has been prepared for cutting-edge technology engines, and is the best choice for today’s driver.

The following services are also available:

  • M9 automated car wash.
  • Generator to supply air for tyres and water.
  • Shop offering all manner of spare parts and lubricants, as well as a wide variety of foodstuffs.

Members can obtain a card to operate the pumps and which also carries a discount.

The supply process is a very easy self-service system which is linked to the financial services’ accounts for automatic payment.

Credit Department which channels all of the direct debits for payment for products, CAP aid, advance payment and single payments for products, loans, policies, etc.

Through the Credit Department and by agreement with banks, almost any banking operation can be carried out.

It also processes all types of insurance (tractors, vehicles, machinery, home, life, etc.).

As well as being an active member, it is also possible to be an associate member. (Consult Financial Services, since this type of membership is limited in number).

This service was created over 15 years ago in order to meet a demand for the collective management of telephone lines in order to obtain competitive prices, adapted to the specific needs of our members and with a service that can provide all of the operations directly through the personnel of the Cooperative itself.

There are global line parking agreements with telephone operators which are then passed on to our members.

A Department staffed by legal experts who manage all of the procedures related to tax, accounting, legal affairs (inheritance, incorporation of companies, management of single payments, etc.)

A Department staffed by legal experts who manage all of the procedures related to tax, accounting, legal affairs (inheritance, incorporation of companies, management of single payments, etc.)

Management and Processing of CAP Aid

This department was created when the common agricultural policy began in the 1990s and is staffed by highly qualified personnel with very long experience in the management and monitoring of this aid.

This Department is paid special attention by the management of the Cooperative, since a large part of the income of our member farmers depends on the smooth processing of the aid and the solution of any possible incidences.

Since its beginnings, the Cooperative has been a Collaborating Entity of the Andalusian Regional Government for the management of this aid and for a wide range of the operations involving single payment rights (purchases, assignments, leasing, etc.)

Technical Advisory Bulletin

Relevant information which the technical office considers useful to all of the members and with reference to the cultivation of our agricultural products.

The Cooperative has a team made up of biologists and agricultural engineers who are at the disposal of members for any consultations and to offer recommendations regarding cultivation and other operations.

Included in these advisory services are: soil analysis, calculation of fertiliser dosage, plant health recommendations, plot measurements by GPS, etc.

Machinery service for members

This Department offers the most common field operations directly on the land of the member (harrowing, fertilising, sowing, treatment, etc.)

The Cooperative has a large stock of machinery (Unimog trucks, tractors, containers, rollers, etc.)

Some machinery may be hired by members.

News Circulars

Back issues of News Circulars sent to members.

A supermarket located within the Cooperative where, as well as the usual food products, members can find local products such as oil from many neighbouring towns, the Cooperative’s own chickpeas, top-quality cured meats from the Sierra de Huelva area, Valle de los Pedroches, Extremadura, etc.

It also offers a wide variety of cheeses.

Members can apply for a card that, as well as operating the fuel pumps, carries discounts both on fuel and in the shop.

A specialised shop with all kinds of plant health products (fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides, etc), cereal seeds (durum wheat, common wheat, barley, triticale), sunflower, chickpea, bean, rapeseed and pea seeds, etc.
The Cooperative has an approved training centre which offers courses for members (pesticide sprayers, live animal transport, computing, etc.)